Progressive Auto Insurance Review | The Best Review for 2022

Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Progressive Auto Insurance Review: Progressive Auto Insurance offers auto coverage including liability, comprehensive and crash, and uninsured and underinsured policies. With its scope of policy discounts, it’s a decent decision for clients who need to get a good deal on their premiums. Nonetheless, the cost of a policy can differ contingent upon the strategy for quote recovery and application, and approaches might be more costly than some contender contributions.

Progressive Auto Insurance Pros

  • Wide scope of policy discounts
  • Below the norm client objections
  • All-day, every day/365 client care accessible

Progressive Auto Insurance Cons

  • Costs might be higher relying upon how you buy
  • Arrangements can be on the more costly side
  • Contenders get higher consumer loyalty appraisals

Pros Explained

  • Wide scope of policy discounts: Progressive offers an aggregate of 13 discounts. These reach from reliability-based to driver-based to how you get a statement and buy coverage.
  • Below the norm client protests: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) granted Progressive a 0.68 grievance score in 2020, bringing it beneath the normal objection score of 1.0.
  • Day in and day out/365 client care accessible: Progressive offers client assistance support 24 hours every day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Cons Explained

  • Costs might be higher relying upon how you buy: Because of online discounts and different costs, costs for a similar policy might be diverse relying on how you buy.
  • Approaches might be on the more costly side: Depending on where you live, Progressive might be a more costly auto insurance choice contrasted with contenders.
  • Contenders get higher consumer loyalty appraisals: According to J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, Texas was the main state or area where Progressive fell into the best three insurance organizations dependent on consumer fulfilment.

Progressive Auto Insurance Review


Progressive, known for its entertaining representative Flo, is one of the top auto insurers in the country with more than 18 million clients. Progressive offers a wide scope of arrangements, including vehicle, property, business, and individual coverage. One of a kind discounts, incorporating the Save with Snapshot, assist Progressive with standing apart among its rivals.

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Company Overview

Progressive was established in 1937 and is settled in Mayfield Village, Ohio. This insurer offers coverage in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. It additionally offers a few kinds of vehicle insurance, including liability, comprehensive and crash, and emergency aides.

Kinds of Progressive Auto Insurance Coverage

Progressive offers four principle sorts of coverage: liability, comprehensive and crash, uninsured and underinsured motorist, and emergency aides.

Liability Coverage

Progressive liability coverage covers property harm and wounds others experience the ill effects of your driving. This incorporates harm to different cars, harm to property (house, letter drop, road sign, guardrail, and so on), wounds to others, just as claims and lawyer and court charges. While liability insurance is needed by virtually every express, the sum you’re needed to have differed by state.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Comprehensive and Collision coverage covers the two fixes or substitution of a vehicle assuming you’re in a mishap, paying little mind to who’s to blame. Anyhow, they are not precisely identical. Comprehensive insurance covers occasions out of your control, for example, hitting a deer or a tree limb falling onto your car; accident insurance covers you on the off chance that you crash into something different (other than a creature, for example, upholding into a shaft or getting into a minor collision.

Comprehensive likewise covers harms because of burglary, defacement, fire, or different demonstrations of nature.

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Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured and underinsured insurance covers you if you’re hit by a driver with no or deficient insurance assurance. In particular, uninsured motorist coverage secures you assuming you’re hit by a driver with no auto insurance, while underinsured coverage ensures you assume that the driver that hit you needs more coverage to pay for harms or wounds they caused. Uninsured and underinsured are presented close by each other and ordered in many states.

Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Emergency aides

Progressive’s emergency aides are all day, every day extra coverage that you can add to your policy. The coverage is presented through Agero, which has 80 million clients nationwide.4 Roadside help covers the accompanying:

  • Vehicle Towing: Tow to an area with a 15-mile range
  • Winching: Pull your car out of mud, snow, water, or sand inside 100 feet of the street/expressway
  • Battery kick-off: Jumpstart your car on the scene
  • Fuel conveyance: Pays for the expense of fuel as conveyance and administration is free
  • Battery change on electric cars: Provides a tow to the closest charging station
  • Locksmith administration: Service gave on the off chance that keys are lost, taken, or locked inside the vehicle
  • Punctured tire change: Flat traded for no expense
  • On-scene work: Provide as long as one hour of work assuming the car isn’t running

Progressive additionally offers the accompanying kinds of insurance:

  • Clinical instalments: Pays for clinical and burial service costs, just as your travellers or relatives pay little heed to blame.
  • Advance/rent result: Can cover the contrast between what you owe on your car and what it’s worth (up to 25% of the money esteem).
  • Rental car repayment: If you’re in a covered mishap, this coverage will pay for a rental up to as far as possible (normally $40–60 every day) while the vehicle is getting chipped away.
  • Custom parts and hardware esteem: Can cover parts like sound system or route framework, custom wheels, or paintwork.
  • Rideshare coverage: This coverage helps span an insurance hole assuming you’re driving for a rideshare company.

Progressive Auto Insurance Review

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Progressive Auto Insurance Discounts

Progressive has 13 distinct sorts of discounts that policyholders can exploit. A portion of the more well-known sorts incorporates multi-policy, multi-car, safe driver markdown, and great understudy rebate.

Faithfulness based Auto Discounts

  • Multi-policy: Having two additional approaches through Progressive saves a normal of 4%.
  • Multi-car: Having more than one vehicle policy through Progressive saves a normal of 4%.
  • Persistent insurance: Switching to Progressive qualifies you for a markdown dependent on how long you were with the past insurer.

Driver-based Auto discounts

  • Safe driver rebate: The more secure you drive, the more you can save.
  • Teenager driver markdown: Discount accessible for youngsters on the policy younger than 18.
  • Great understudy rebate: A full-time understudy who keeps a B normal or better qualifies.
  • Far off understudy markdown: Available for a full-time frame understudy that is 22 or under and lives 100 miles away without a vehicle at school.
  • Mortgage holder rebate: If you own a home, and surprisingly assuming not insured through Progressive, it can get you a markdown.

Discounts for Getting Quotes and Coverage:

Online statement: Obtaining a statement on the web, and regardless of whether you finish via telephone, you’re qualified.

  • Sign internet: Signing on the web policy records gives you a rebate.
  • Paperless: Opting to go paperless makes you qualified.
  • Come up with all required funds: Paying forthright and in full for a rebate.
  • Automatic instalment: Setting up instalments automatically procures you a rebate.

Notwithstanding these discounts, Progressive offers the Save with Snapshot, otherwise called use-based insurance, which permits you to pay dependent on the amount you drive. Contingent upon your driving, you acquire a markdown for taking an interest and afterwards get a customized rate later the primary year. Clients who utilize this element save a normal of $146 per year.

Instalment Options

There are a few distinct ways you can pay for your policy at Progressive:

  • Automatically through financial records, Mastercard, or check card (pay thusly and acquire the automatic instalment markdown)
  • Covering forthright and (qualifies you for the fork over the required fund’s markdown)
  • Instant message
  • Call to 1-800-776-4737
  • Mail
  • Online record

The cost of your insurance policy depends on a few variables:

Regardless of whether you’re an adolescent driver: Teens might be bound to get into mishaps and are by and large more costly to insure.

  • Age: Typically rates settle later teen years until age 75.
  • The amount you utilize your vehicle: The more you utilize your car, the more your policy might cost.
  • Regardless of whether you have speeding tickets or criminal traffic offences: More tickets compares to higher premiums.
  • Assuming you’ve had to blame, not to blame, or one-car collisions: These additionally increment your premium.
  • Area: Living in intensely populated metropolitan spots increments premiums.
  • What kind of coverage you select: Typically, the more coverage you have, the more your policy will cost.
  • How you pay: How you pay decides whether you’re qualified for a rebate.
  • Financial assessment: Typically, the higher your FICO rating the lower your premiums.
  • Nonstop coverage: If you have no holes in coverage, you probably will get a lower rate.
  • Vehicle motor size: A V8 motor or more noteworthy may mean higher premiums.

Misfortune Ratio

Progressive has a misfortune proportion score of 62.29%, which isn’t the best among organizations we checked out. This misfortune proportion prompted a 2 out of 5 rating in our inward study. Given this misfortune proportion, one may expect Progressive’s yearly premiums to be lower than contenders. Yet, its yearly normal premiums are $2,430, with the middle yearly premium being $1,544. Contrasted with the opposition, Progressive will in general have marginally higher premium expenses.

Different Features

Progressive has a few different elements, including:

  • Online correlation apparatus: Compare costs to contenders on the web.
  • Name Your Price apparatus: Tell Progressive what your spending plan permits, and it will show you a scope of choices.
  • Deductible Savings Bank: Optional coverage that will diminish your policy’s expense at regular intervals.
  • Little mishap absolution: Rate won’t increment for a case under $500.
  • Huge mishap absolution: If you have a mishap however haven’t had any mishaps or infringement in the beyond three years, this insurer won’t raise your rates.
  • Emergency aides: Roadside help covers towing, punctured tire changes, fuel conveyance, and lock-out administrations.

Client assistance

Progressive’s client assistance gives email, online visits, and all day, everyday telephone support at 1-888-671-4405. While you can email about your case/the case interaction, emergency aides, and report extortion/data fraud through the Progressive site, you should be signed in to your record to email with explicit inquiries regarding your policy.

Consumer loyalty

Progressive has blended consumer loyalty appraisals and reviews. As indicated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Progressive has below the norm client grievances. It likewise positioned among top insurers on JD Power’s new U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study, which estimates by and large consumer loyalty.

Be that as it may, as indicated by Consumer Affairs, Progressive Auto Insurance has a normal rating of only 1.3 out of 5 stars from 86 evaluations. It additionally didn’t admission well on Trustpilot, getting a normal of 1.4 out of 5 stars across 168 evaluations.

Fulfilment Ratings

Progressive offers online statement and buying choices, just as an easy to use the online entrance, assisting its clients with having a simpler encounter getting insurance. As per a 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study, Progressive positioned fifth in general consumer loyalty in California, eighth in the Central district and Florida, fourth in New England and Southwest Region, tenth in New York, seventh in the North Central, Mid-Atlantic, and Northwest locale, fourteenth in the Southeast area, and third in Texas.

Progressive is rated superior A+ by AM Best. This rating permits clients to feel certain that Progressive will want to help them monetarily assuming they need to make a case.

Grievance Index

While reviewing an auto insurance supplier, it’s likewise vital to see the number of grumblings it has contrasted with its rivals. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) granted Progressive a 0.68 grumbling score in 2020, bringing it underneath the normal objection score of 1.0. It had 975 grumblings in 2020, down from 1484 out of 2019 and 1453 in 2018.

Account Management

Progressive clients can make a record on the web and afterwards get to their client gateway. Inside the gateway, customers can email policy questions and deal with their strategies, including reviewing their coverage, benefits, instalment choices, and the sky is the limit from there. Progressive additionally offers client care accessible all day, every day for those requiring support via telephone.

Progressive Auto Insurance Review

How Progressive Compares to Other Auto Insurance Companies

Premium expenses are a significant variable to consider while reviewing auto insurance organizations. Out of 25 auto insurance companies positioned from most minimal to greatest costs, Progressive came in fourteenth for normal yearly premium and eleventh for a middle yearly premium.

Contrasted with different organizations working in similar states, Progressive was generally costly for Alaska, Vermont, and Georgia, and second-most for South Carolina, Hawaii, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and Massachusetts. It was the third generally costly for Colorado, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. For any remaining states, it was positioned more affordable contrasted with its rivals.


Assuming you are searching for an auto insurance supplier that makes it simple to apply for and acquire insurance on the web, Progressive is an extraordinary choice. The number of arrangements and discounts accessible simplify it to observe a redid choice that will set aside your cash. Notwithstanding the discounts, the Name Your Price instrument and Save with Snapshot choices might take into account further reserve funds.

Albeit the company has blended appraisals and reviews, you can contact client assistance every minute of every day and get statements and apply for and deal with your strategies on the web. Progressive isn’t ordinarily the least expensive choice for auto insurance, so economic individuals might need to keep away from them. It has a solid monetary standing and long-standing history, however, settling on it is a famous decision for some ready to look past these ruins.

 Contact Progressive:


Street number: 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Box W33, Mayfield Village, OH 44183

Client care telephone number: 1-888-441-0724

Twitter: @Progressive


Where do I purchase Progressive auto insurance?

You can buy Progressive auto insurance on the web, via telephone, or through an in-person meeting with a nearby specialist.

How does Progressive contrast with other auto insurance organizations?

Progressive positions sevenths out of the nine-car insurance organizations reviewed. Their rates are regularly higher than normal, and they fail to meet expectations in a few classifications, including client care, claims to deal with, and client dedication.

Who ought to get Progressive auto insurance?

Progressive’s rates are normally normal or better than expected when contrasted with different insurers remembered for our review. Nonetheless, a few drivers might view Progressive’s rates as to some degree serious. This is especially valid for drivers who have a DUI on their record, as Progressive rates are below the norm for this gathering.

Different Services Offered by Progressive

  • Site for consumers and existing clients
  • Versatile application
  • Online cases recording
  • Participation gateway for policy the executives, ID cards, and so forth
  • The depiction, a utilization based safe-driving application
  • Free internet-based rates statements
  • Name Your Price instrument, which assists consumers with tracking down coverage acceptable for them
  • Emergency aides
  • Deductible reserve funds bank, which decreases some policy premiums for guarantee free periods.
  • Think about the auto rates instrument, which permits consumers to contrast Progressive rates with rates from different organizations.

Other Insurance from Progressive

  • Mortgage holders insurance
  • Tenants insurance
  • Apartment suite insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Exemplary car insurance
  • Golf car insurance
  • Cruiser insurance
  • Individual watercraft insurance
  • RV/Trailer insurance
  • Segway insurance
  • Snowmobile insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Health care coverage
  • Travel insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Wedding and occasion insurance
  • ID robbery insurance
  • Electronic gadget insurance
  • Mexico auto insurance
  • Home guarantees
  • Manufactured house insurance
  • Flood insurance

Progressive Claims Handling

Out of the nine organizations we reviewed, Progressive positions eighth for claims dealing with. Just 58% of clients in our study said they were totally happy with the cases taking care of cycle, and 54% were happy with the correspondence they got during the cases interaction. Also, only 57% of Progressive clients say they are totally happy with how the case was settled.

Company Customer Loyalty

Progressive’s sub-optimal consumer loyalty probably adds to the company’s eighth spot positioning in our client dependability classification. While 60% of clients reviewed said they are reasonable or liable to reestablish their Progressive auto insurance policy, almost 24% said they are improbable or far-fetched to do as such.

Generally speaking, Progressive client faithfulness scores are more grounded than Nationwide, Farmers, Travelers, and Allstate, however, they aren’t sufficiently able to move Progressive to the top portion of our rundown.


Every one of our reviews of auto insurance organizations depends on broad exploration and examination of each company’s coverage, client support, evaluating, a long time in business, authorization, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To rate Progressive and different suppliers, we fostered an auto insurance review philosophy that looks at the auto insurance coverage types, extra elements, discounts, account the board, and revealed client encounters to assist us with giving bits of knowledge into things like client care and the strength of each company’s contributions.


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